Article Linker

When searching for journal articles you may find that a particular database doesn’t have the full-text of an article you’re looking for. Due to publisher licensing restrictions and overlapping coverage, some article citations may be indexed in several databases or only available in full-text in a different database than you happen to be using. The Article Linker service (this has replaced “SFX”) automatically locates full-text versions of the article, if available, within the entire collection of Empire State College library research databases.

To see if an article is available, look for the Article Linker icon () near the article’s citation and click on it. This linked icon will open a second browser window that will tell you whether full-text is available and if so, will provide a direct link to the article or journal.

Article Linker example display

Remember: the display of the Article Linker icon only indicates that journal linking is available in the database you are searching. You will need to click on this icon to learn if the article you seek is available elsewhere in the collection in full-text.

Article Linker is also incorporated into the library’s FReD (Fulltext REtrieval Database for E-Journals). This feature, called “Citation Linker” (look for the “Look up Article” hyperlink to the right of the journal title in the FReD results to access), allows you to search within a specific journal using article title words, volume information and or author name using a standardized search form.

For more information on Article Linker, including complete instructions on how to use Article Linker and which library research databases are enabled with Article Linker icons and links, see the Article Linker Library News Release.

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