MLA International Bibliography

Gale’s version of the Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography is an index of journal article, book, and dissertation citations covering language and literature topics from all over the world. More than 4,400 scholarly journals are reviewed each year by specialists to locate articles that fall within the scope of human communication. This resource also includes a searchable Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of Literature and general dictionary. Note that this resource does not contain full-text itself, but does contain the Article Linker tool to check for full-text availability elsewhere in the library collection.

Search MLA
There are 3 basic search options that can be accessed via the blue-colored menu on the left side of the page:

  • Author Search: search by author name as a subject (e.g., Shakespeare) or by article author name (e.g., Deborah Cohn)
  • Subject Guide: each article is assigned subject terms from a controlled vocabulary that describe its content – use this option to locate the correct term and search articles accurately using this term (e.g., French surrealism)
  • Title Search: search by article title word (e.g., “Ibero-American”) or by the title of a literary work (e.g., “Taming of the Shrew”)

Left-side Menu Options:

Search Interface:

Search Results Page
Results (citations) are displayed by relevance. The display shows the citation (title, author, journal info), subject terms, and an “ArticleLinker” icon to check for full-text availability. To access a specific citation, click on the hyperlinked title.

You can also use the check boxes to the left of each title to display, e-mail or print multiple citations at the same time.

Citation Display
Each citation displays title, author, date and journal or publisher information. Below that is a list of subject terms assigned to the article based on its content. In some cases, an article may be available in full-text in Gale’s InfoTrac OneFile database. If so, you will see a link in the upper right of the citation display (circled in red below).

To print or e-mail a single citation, use the links in the blue-colored side-menu within a citation display. For more help searching this database or using some of the advanced features, click on the context-sensitive “Help” link in the upper left of the blue menu.

To access the MLA Bibliography, go to the library home page and click on the “All Research Databases” link. MLA is listed under the “Gale Group” heading. It is also listed within the “Database Subject Guides” under Cultural Studies.


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