Writer’s Complex

The Writer’s Complex is a valuable resource to help you hone your research acumen, and grammar, punctuation, style and other writing skills crucial to succeeding at Empire State College. It is an online collection of tutorials, interactive exercises, and sample papers and includes a wide array of useful tools:

  • Need help with grammar and punctuation? Try the Writer’s Complex Workshops section to practice and get instant feedback.
  • Writing a research paper and don’t know where to start? Follow the step-by-step plan in the Research Room and you’ll be on your way.
  • Looking for sample rationale essays for educational planning? Visit the File Cabinet for sample papers and essays written by Empire State College students (college login required).
  • Need more help? A writing tutor is also available by e-mail to help you develop your writing skills by answering questions or reviewing your paper (college login required).

To access these and other resources in the Writer’s Complex, click on “Writing Resource Center” on the library home page and then click the “Writer’s Complex” icon at the top right of the page, or go directly to: http://www.esc.edu/writer.


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