If you need to locate the full-text of a scholarly article published five years ago or more, the JSTORarchive may be a good place to start looking. JSTOR is a unique collection because it offers the complete archives of a core group of 350 academic journals from the arts, cultural studies, languages, literature, social sciences and the history of science, starting with the first published issues, some of which date to the 19th century.

You can search JSTOR by going to the Library home page (www.esc.edu/library) and clicking on the link for “All Research Databases” in the upper left part of that page. You will need to type in your college login and password to access.

You have the option of either browsing the journal titles by subject or alphabetical listing or searching directly for articles using keywords, author or title words, etc. The screen capture below shows the default Basic Search page.

JSTOR search pageDirect links to JSTOR full-text articles have also been activated in many of the library’s research databases, such as Historical Abstracts, the MLA International Bibliography in Gale’s Literature Resource Center, and in all of the research databases that display the “Article Linker” icon in the citation.

You can view a step-by-step tutorial for accessing and searching JSTOR in the Research Tutorials section of the library home page.


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