Google Search Tips (part 2)

In the first part of our Google discussion we showed you how to use the Google search engine. Now that you’ve mastered the basics we’ll talk about advanced searching: how to really make Google work for you!

Google offers several powerful search options. To access, click on the “advanced search” link to the right of the basic search box. On this page you’ll see several features to help you refine your search and get more focused, relevant results. In the advanced search you can use any of the following limits to target your search:

  • by language (e.g., English, Spanish, etc.)
  • by file format (e.g., Microsoft Word (.doc) or .PDF)
  • by date (e.g., “last 3 months”)
  • by domain, such as from academic sites (.edu) or nonprofits (.org)
  • search only for pages within a large site that itself contains many pages (such as: or

Google advanced search options:

Google advanced search optionsLooking for pictures or graphics? Use Google’s “image search” (click on the “image” link above the basic search box) and your search will retrieve pictures whose titles match your search terms. Be sure to use images according to applicable copyright laws. Google also has a specialized search screen for finding news. Click on the “news” link above the basic search box to access this feature.

For more information on these and other advanced search options in Google, ask a librarian or see Google’s page on “Advanced Search Made Easy.”


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