Using RefWorks to manage your citations

RefWorks is an online citation management tool that you can use for free because the college has subscribed to it.

Basically, you log in with your college login and password and then create a personal account with RefWorks (you have an individual account to keep your research private.)

Once you’re in, you can either type in bibliographic information from your research sources, or use a set of tools to import this information automatically. For example, you can select search results in a database and batch send them to RefWorks. There is also a plug-in that lets you grab this information from any web site.

You can organize your citations into folders for different courses, topics or research projects. You can access the full-text of any article that is in the library through its entry in your RefWorks folders. You can also upload files, such as the PDF full-text, some images, or a document with all your notes!

There is a plug-in that you download and configure, and it hooks up with Microsoft Word. Then when you are writing a paper, you simply click a button to open up the plug-in, select the source you want to site, and insert your citation. When your paper is done, you click a few more buttons to format it in any citation style you want – APA, MLA, Chicago, CSE, and others.

No more confusion about what to do with oddball sources, or the picayune details of formatting in different styles – all of this is handled by RefWorks.

For more information and to log in, go to

Don’t forget to sign up for one of our webinars on how to use RefWorks! During the webinar, we will help you get set up with your own account, download and configure the two plug-ins and get some hands on experience using the different features. Go here for more information and to sign up for a webinar.


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