The Library has a new look

As the college website changes to a new look, the library had to do the same.  The library now has a new look and feel which should be easier to use.

The main section has 3 tabs for Find, Services and About the Library.  You start out on Find which gives you links to find library resources like articles and e-books.  If you click on Services you can see information about services the library provides like @Home Library Workshops and Interlibrary Loan for faculty and graduate students.  About the library will give you more background info on the library as well as info on our collections and our librarians.

image of library page with tabs

On the right hand side you will see Ask a Librarian and How Tos.  Ask a Librarian will give you every possible way you can contact a librarian for your library related questions.  How Tos will take you to a guide full of tutorials and information on “how to” do research, use particular databases, write citations and more.  Below that you will see the librarian chat and also a feed to the library blog which you can subscribe to.  You can also click the buttons below to follow the library on facebook, twitter or youtube.

image of library page sidebar

The library also has new shortcuts to get to some of our more popularly used pages.    If you link to these pages, you may need to update your link to use one of these. You can view the full list of shortcuts on this PDF file here: Library Shortcuts PDF file