How to Find Company Info & Reports

You might get an assignment that requires you to get information about a company or company reports.  You may be asked to get info from a library resource instead of just using the internet.  The library is here to help!

To find info  or reports for a specific company or business:

  1. Go to the library homepage at
  2. Select Subjects from the Find menu
  3. Select Business, Management & Economics from the list.
  4. At the Business, Management & Economics Subject Guide, you will see many tabs.  You are automatically in the Journal Articles tab and this is where you want to start.  You have some options of resources to use on this guide:

Business Source Complete:

image of Business Source Complete search field and EBSCOHOST logo

This is an EBSCOHost database so if you have used EBSCO for other research, it should be a familiar format for you. This database also has many scholarly and non-scholarly articles available in the subject area of business and economics.  For info on how to find specific company information, you can view this video from Binghamton University:

Mergent Online:

image of mergent online logo

This resource works very differently than other databases.  The library has a video tutorial you can view to help you use this tool.  You can view it here: Mergent Online Tutorial

Business and Company Resource Center:

image of business and company resource center banner

This is a database through Gale that contains company profiles and history, investment reports, and business  news.  You can view this tutorial from Binghamton University to see how to find business information in this database: