How to download images from ARTstor

ARTstor is a digital collection of over 1 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences.   You can find ARTstor at the Empire State College library by going to the library homepage at  From there, select Multimedia.  On the Multimedia page, click on the Images tab.

image of images tab

You will get to the homepage for ARTstor.  Click Enter Here to get into the collection.

image of enter here to access ARTstor

In order to use the features available in ARTstor, you will need to register for your own personal account with them.  When you get to ARTstor, click on Register on the upper right corner.  If you are already registered, click Log in.

image of register or Log in

If you are registering for the first time, you should see this form when you click Register. Fill it out and click submit.  Make sure you uncheck the boxes if you do not want to receive emails from ARTstor.

ARTstor register form image

If your registration has gone through successfully, you will see a confirmation window.

image of ARTstor registration confirmation

You can now search and browse for images in ARTstor and use the features available.  Some of these features include downloading images and sharing URL’s with classmates.

ARTstor search & browse image

When you find an image you want to use, double-click on it to open it up.  You will see a pop up window with the image.  Below the image you should see a menu with buttons, as shown below.

image of ARTstor image buttons

The + lets you zoom in, the – lets you zoom out.  The square icon will reset the image view.

The i button lets you view the info on the image.  You can use buttons to reposition the image.  Then on the right you can click the printer icon to print the image, the save icon to download the image or the group icon to add the image to a group.

Full Size image:

image of Chuck Close work of art

You can also download a section of an image by zooming in to view it:

image of zoomed in part of Chuck Close painting

Citation for this image:

Close, Chuck.  Paul.  1994.  ARTstor. Web.  2 Dec, 2011.

How to Download Images or Selections from an Image: 

directions for downloading an image or selection of an image

Please keep in mind, ARTstor images are available for strictly pedagogical and scholarly purposes, as outlined in their Terms of Use.  No ARTstor images may be used for publication or commercial purposes.  Please view their permitted and prohibited uses page for more info:

For more info or help with ARTstor, view their help page or the Youtube videos.

ARTstor Help:

ARTstor’s Youtube Channel: