How do I find dictionaries & encyclopedias?

Though the online library doesn’t have a building for you to visit, we do still have a Reference Collection full of dictionaries and encyclopedias for you to use.

To get to our Reference Collection, click on “Dictionaries and Encyclopedias” on the library homepage at

image of library homepage links

From there you will get to our Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Page.  You will see tabs for the various types of reference books you might be looking for.  Click on the tab for the type of resource you want or stay on the main tab for dictionaries and encyclopedias.

image of tabs on dictionaries and encyclopedias page

On the dictionaries and encyclopedias page, you will see a list of resources.   Our 3 main reference collections that include multiple subject areas are listed at the top. They are  Gale Virtual Reference Library, Credo Reference, and Oxford Reference Online.  

image of the dictionaries and encyclopedias page

When you open Gale Virtual Reference Library or Credo Reference, you can search or you can click on a particular dictionary or encyclopedia from their list.  They both list all of their books on their homepage.  Oxford Reference Online holds various kinds of dictionaries and you need to select the type of dictionary you want from their homepage and go from there. 

You can also search our e-book catalog for reference books.  You can do so by following the steps shown below.  You will see this search area on the dictionaries & encyclopedias page below the list shown above or you can click on the Books link from the library homepage to do this search there.   You need to type the topic you are searching for, then type AND  and type (dictionary OR encyclopedia OR manual OR guide).  For example, if you need an art history resource, you would search for:   “art history” AND (dictionary OR encyclopedia OR manual OR guide)

image of search area for e-book catalog