Where can I find my course readings?

You will have many readings assigned in your online courses.  There are different types of readings that will be available.  You may be asked to read chapters in your textbook, read an online article from our library or an ebook from our library or you might have an article available online or right in your course.

To find out what your course readings will be, check the modules in your course.  (If you are in a center course, this will be listed under Content.)  Usually you will see a Course Information Module or an Introduction Module to help you get started.  Your instructor will usually specify where your readings can be accessed.  Sometimes, they will provide a link directly to a reading and sometimes they will ask you to locate it in the online library.

image of Modules tab in course

If you are not sure where to access your reading, your best bet is to ask your instructor.  Not all readings are in the library and each course is different and there are hundreds of courses running.  The person who knows best what is in the course is your instructor so always check with them first.  You can also ask other students in your course through the discussions.

If you are told that the article or ebook is available through the library, there are different ways to go about locating it.

If you need a textbook, you are welcome to try our ebook catalog by following the steps above but the library rarely has textbooks in our collection.  For more information about textbooks and how to order them, please contact the college bookstore.  You can find their link on MY ESC or visit them directly here: http://www.esc.edu/bookstore/

Some readings can be viewed right in your course or require you to access a webpage outside of the college website.  You should be able to access these by clicking on a link in your course.  If you have any problems with these links, you should check with your instructor.

If you click on a link in your course to a library article and it doesn’t work or you can’t login to access the article, it may be a technical issue or the link may need to be fixed by a librarian or by your instructor.   Contact your instructor first and see if they can fix it.  If not, you can contact the Help Desk https://techinfo.esc.edu/ or Library www.esc.edu/library  for more assistance.