How to Cite Facebook, Twitter & APPs

Now that Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and APPs for mobile devices ars are very popular, it is possible that you might follow or “like” pages for topics or experts in fields of interest for your coursework or download an app with information on these topics.  Though your instructors will often ask for scholarly or peer-reviewed sources, you may occasionally want to cite one of these social networking or app sources for your coursework or discussions.  The library is here to help!

image of facebook icon   image of twitter icon   image of APP icon

Here are some links to information on how to cite these sources that I think you will find useful:

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APA – How to Cite Twitter and Facebook, Part II: Reference List Entries and In-Text Citations 

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APA – How to Cite an APP in APA Format

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MLA – 7 Tips for Citing an APP in MLA Format

MLA – How to Cite an APP