Using the Library with Mobile Devices

The Empire State College Online Library has a new addition to their website, Using the Library with Mobile Devices. This page was created in response to a steady increase in questions regarding mobile device compatibility with the Online Library. Library resources were evaluated to check for compatibility with mobile devices and to look for any mobile features available. Library resources were then tested on an iPad, Kindle and Kindle Fire to verify functionality and ease of use.

This site contains an alphabetical list of all library article and newspaper databases as well as e-book collections. For each resource, there is information about mobile device compatibility, whether there is a mobile site or app available, what formats you can view these items in, and whether you are able to download PDF files to transfer to your mobile device for reading. We have also included tips for mobile device use with the library and links to common mobile device tech support links.

You can find this new page at

For example, if you use JSTOR for research, you can visit this site to find out what you can do with JSTOR on your iPad. JSTOR has a mobile site in beta mode which allows for article discovery but not for downloading articles. You can, however, view HTML articles in the browser on your iPad, or download PDF articles to your computer and then transfer them to your iPad for reading at your convenience.

On the other hand, if you use EBSCOhost, you will find that you can not only view HTML articles on your device browser but you can also download articles and transfer them to your device, or download the free EBSCOhost app to a compatible device. Once you validate your account with the college on EBSCOhost, you will have access to saved articles in your EBSCOhost folders as well as the ability to search within their collections.

Due to the wide variety (and versions) of mobile devices out there, you will also need to consult technical support documentation provided by your specific device’s maker for further information.