Add the library toolbar to your browser!

The Empire State College LibX toolbar is a tiny app that will make searching in and using the library easier and more convenient. When you download it, it automatically installs itself into your browser (either Chrome or Firefox) where it looks like this:

Screenshot of the LibX toolbar in Chrome, where it is located to the right of the address bar/search box.

This is what LibX looks like in Chrome


Screenshot of the LibX toolbar in Firefox, where it is located to the right of the Google Search box.

This is what LibX looks like in Firefox

Quick links to frequently-needed Library pages

One of LibX’s features is that it gives you quick access to the library. You don’t need to remember URLs or click through the college web site to find it.

Screenshot of LibX toolbar after you have clicked on it, with the Links section open.

LibX will take you directly to the library web site, Ask A Librarian, our how-tos and tutorials, the Information Skills Tutorial and a full list of our databases.

Instant access to the Ebook Catalog

LibX allows you to search the Ebook Catalog right from the toolbar. Enter a single keyword, or use multiple keywords and Boolean Operators, and the toolbar will take you right to your search results in the catalog.

Screenshot of the LibX toolbar open with the Book Search section expanded, and searching "the hobbit." Behind the toolbar the Ebook Catalog is visible, open to the search results page for "the hobbit."

Search the LibX Toolbar book search and get results in the library’s Ebook Catalog

Instant access to library full-text articles through Google Scholar

LibX also lets you search Google Scholar in such a way that links to full-text articles in the Library’s databases show up in your search results. It works much the same way as Book Search.

Screenshot of LibX toolbar open to the Search section, and the part where you choose between Book and Google Scholar is circled.

Click the highlighted text to change between Book Search and Google Scholar Search.

Screenshot of LibX toolbar open to the Google Scholar search, and the Google Scholar search results displayed in the browser.

Searching in Google Scholar Search takes you directly to your Google Scholar search results, with links to full-text both on the web and in the Library’s databases.

Highlight text and right click to search it

Does the article you’re reading mention a book that looks interesting? Does the web site you’re on mention an author your should check out? Is there a quote that says exactly what you’re looking for and you want to find its original source? Just highlight it and right click – one of the menu items will be LibX. Select that and it will give you the option of searching Books and Google Scholar. (Ignore the one that says ArticleLinker; our library doesn’t currently have that configured for item-level search.)

Screenshot of a Wikipedia article with some text highlighted and a right-click menu showing the option for LibX highlighted. That leads to a menu that has you select Books, Google Scholar or ArticleLinker.

Right click the text you want to search and select the LibX option. Then select either Books or Google Scholar.

Don’t buy that book – the library has it!

If the LibX toolbar detects that the library has access to an item that you’re looking at on a web page (like it will put a little blue L icon next to it. That way you don’t accidentally buy something that you could have gotten for free.

Screenshot of page for The Hobbit with the LibX L next to the title indicating that it's available through the Library.

When you are on a page like,, etc. LibX will try to detect whether we have the book or journal displayed. If it is available through the Library, you’ll see the little blue L icon.

Install the LibX Toolbar

If this looks like something that would be useful to you, you can install the toolbar by going to the Empire State College LibX edition page.