How to Save items to “My Research” in Proquest

When doing research, you might want to use the features available from one of the library resources.  Your Empire State College login gives you access to these resources but it doesn’t give you full use of the features in the resources.  You need to create your own free account with the resource in order to use the features.  One of these features is “My Research” in Proquest databases.

How to Create a Proquest “My Research” account:

  1. Go to the library homepage at and select Article Databases. Choose one of the Proquest Databases listed.
  2. You may need to login with your Empire State College login information to get access to the database. 
  3. When you are in Proquest, you can do a search for your topic and then select the articles you want to save by checking the box next to each article. 
  4. Once the boxes are checked, click on Save to My Research.  When you do this, a login screen will pop up. If you do not have an account for My Research already, you need to select ” Create My Research Account.” 
  5. This will bring you to the form to fill out in order to create your account.  Make sure you complete the form and check the box to say you agree to the terms of use.  Once this is done, the Create Account button will let you click on it. 
  6. Now you should see the “Save to My Research” window where it says how many items you selected and want to save to your My Research account.  Select the Save button. 
  7. You can now access all of the items in your My Research account by going to any Proquest database in the online library and clicking on My Research at the top of the screen in the blue bar.  If you are logged in, you should see your first name.  If you are not logged in, it will ask you to login to access your account. 
  8. My Research lets you do many things with the articles you save. You can sort them or create folders to organize them.  You may want to create folders for a particular course or assignment or name the folder for the topic you researched in order to keep your articles organized.