What is an @ Home Library Workshop? What one should I choose?

The Empire State College online library offers a series of @ Home Library Workshops.  We use a live online classroom so you can attend the workshop from the comfort of your own home.  You can learn how to use the library more effectively, save time and effort doing research for assignments,

For information on the technical requirements to take these workshops, please visit: Participation Requirements

To see available dates and times and register for library workshops, please visit: Upcoming Dates & Registration

Not sure which workshops you want to register for?  See below for descriptions and more information. 

a. Research Skills 1:

You will learn how to:

  • Efficiently navigate the library site
  • Create a search strategy from a research topic
  • Search for journal articles
  • Use powerful search results page options

How to effectively and efficiently do research and navigate the college’s online library, which includes searchable access to millions of full-text journal & newspaper articles and other resources. Ideal for those new to the college, new to using the online library or doing college-level research. Optional: bring your own research topic to work on.

b. Research Skills 2:

NOTE: you must take Research Skills 1 (or previously, Introduction to Searching) prior to taking this workshop.

This hands-on workshop will tackle advanced search strategies and introduce tools and techniques to make gathering the most relevant information on your topic more efficient and effective.

Ideal for upper level undergrads who have experience using the online library and doing basic research, as well as for graduate students looking to take their research skills to the next level.

You will learn how to:

  • Use and combine advanced search operators and modifiers to make the most of keyword searches.
  • Use powerful controlled vocabularies to get the most accurate database search results.
  • Mine the work of important researchers to find the most relevant key terms and literature on a topic.

c. Citing Your Sources:


  • Why cite?
  • What is a citation?
  • Parts of a citation
  • MLA vs APA style
  • Knowing your source
  • Documentation tips

Learn why citing your sources is so important and where to get citation formatting information for styles such as APA, MLA, etc. Ideal for anyone interested in learning how to avoid accidental plagiarism.

d. Books, Reference & Multimedia:

You will learn how to:

  • Use the library e-book catalog
  • Search the full-text of specific e-book collections
  • Use annotation, save and print options for e-books
  • Locate print books (and journals) at nearby libraries using WorldCatSearch our streaming video and image collections

How to effectively navigate, search and use the college’s e-book and multimedia collections and how to locate print books in nearby libraries. Ideal for those new to the college, new to using the online library or doing college-level research.

e. Evaluating Sources 1:

Learn how to tell the difference between scholarly and popular sources, and between primary, secondary and tertiary sources. Know where to find them and when it is appropriate to use them. Learn eleven simple questions to ask yourself when trying to decide whether an information source is trustworthy for your research. Essential for anyone who has to find reliable sources for discussion questions and papers.

f. Evaluating Sources 2:

Learn how to maintain a critical mindset and detect bias, agenda, conflicts of interest, shoddy research methods, misleading statistics, and logical fallacies. Essential for anyone completing a term paper, capstone, thesis, or other research project.

g. Managing Your Citations with RefWorks 1:

You can manage your citations with RefWorks. In this workshop, learn what RefWorks is, how it can be used and create your own RefWorks account.  Get an introduction to navigating RefWorks, features available and the basics of how to import References into your RefWorks account.  Essential for those who are new to RefWorks and want to learn what it is and how to use it.

h. Managing Your Citations with RefWorks 2:

NOTE: You must take Managing Your Citations with RefWorks 1 (or have already created a login for RefWorks and have some experience using the account) prior to taking this workshop.

Learn how to use advanced features in RefWorks such as importing resources into RefWorks from multiple library databases and e-book collections and creating a bibliography for your assignments. Essential to those who already have a RefWorks account and want to know more about how to use the advanced features.  If you do not already have a RefWorks account, please sign up for one prior to taking this workshop OR take the Managing Your Citations with RefWorks 1workshop if you want more guidance.