New Library How Tos!

The Online Library maintains a collection of text and video How To tutorials about library and research skills. Later this week, many of the How Tos will be updated, and some new ones will be added.

An example of one of the new How Tos.

The new How Tos are built in the LibGuides platform, which allows us to format the page for greater visual appeal and ease of use. It’s also fully integrated with Ask A Librarian, so you can chat with a librarian using the chat box on the right side of every How To.

While we will be updating our How Tos Guide with the new links, the old pages will remain available until August 30, 2013 (before the start of the September term). On that date, we will turn the old pages into redirects, so going to the old How To’s URL will drop you off at the new How To. The old How Tos will finally be deleted on February 22, 2014 (after the end of the November term). It is very important that you update your bookmarks and course links to specific, individual How Tos as soon as possible! You do not need to update any links to the How Tos Guide, because that is staying in the same place.


Old How To with a notification at the top. Please update your course links and bookmarks in advance of the September term, or by February 21, 2014 at the latest.