LinkSource is No Longer Down

This issue has been resolved.


There is a widespread problem (it affects more than ESC) with the LinkSource service. This is the service that will take you to full-text in another database if the database that you are in doesn’t have it.

If you find an article and the full-text is not in the database, then here is what to do:

1. Get the article title, journal title, volume, issue, and year.
2. Go to the library web site at
3. Click Journals
4. Search for the journal title
5. From the list of databases, select one that has a date range that includes the date of your article, and click it. Log in, if necessary.
6. Search or browse for your article.

EBSCOhost has been notified about this outage, and they are working on it. We will keep you posted!