Tips for Searching in Journal Finder

When you need to find a particular journal or a particular article, you want to search in Journal Finder.  Select Journal Finder on the library homepage.

Image of the Journal Finder Link on the library homepage

When there, you can type the name of a journal to see if we have it in our collection.  For example: Journal of Management

Image of Journal Finder Full Text Finder Search for the title Journal of Management

A basic search for this title can be a bit confusing as it gives me 1,368 results and the first one doesn’t match what I typed in the search box.  How do I fix this?

Image of Journal of Management Search results

#1 – Put the name of the journal in quotes and search again – “Journal of Management”

This gives me 124 results and the one I am looking for is 2nd on the list of results. What if I am not sure if this is a peer reviewed journal because my instructor wanted me to find the peer reviewed journal, Journal of Management?

Image of Journal finder search results for Journal of Management put in quotes

I can narrow my search results down even more by selecting the check box next to Peer Reviewed Journals on the left hand column.  By doing this, my results are now down to 70 items and the Journal of Management is the first search result. I am sure this is the correct journal that my instructor wanted me to use.

Image of Journal Finder search results with the journal title in quotes and peer reviewed journals checked as a search limiter

When you find the journal you want, look at the list of databases below the title.  This tells you what databases in our online library have this journal and lists the date ranges for what is available.  Look for the date range you need and select a database.

Image of the databases listed below a journal in the search results

This will take you directly into the database where you can choose to browse by date to find a particular article your instructor listed for you to read or you can choose to search within this publication if you want to look for an article on your topic in this particular journal.

If you are trying to search for journal articles on your topic and you are not looking for a particular journal, you don’t want to search for your topic in Journal Finder.  You want to either use OneSearch on the library homepage or go to the Subject Guides and choose your subject area from the list.  When you do this, you will get a list of library databases that are relevant for that subject area.  You want to choose a database and search for your topic there.

Image of the library homepage showing OneSearch and the Subject Guides

If you try these tips and still can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us for help.  We are happy to assist you and walk you through how to find what you need in the online library.
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