The OneSearch “Cite” Tool (and its limitations)

When you find information sources using the OneSearch search tool (or any EBSCOHost database), you can grab a machine-formatted citation for any of those sources you use in your research assignments by using the “Cite” link tool. This link can be found (under “Tools” on right side) when viewing either the full-text of the item (when you click on the “PDF Full-Text” or “HTML Full-Text” link under a result on a results page) or when viewing the Full record (i.e., when you click on the title of a result on the results screen):

OneSearch Cite tool

Screenshot of a OneSearch Detailed record with “Cite” tool highlighted on left side.

Using this tool allows you to generate a formatted citation that you can then cut and paste into a Word document in a variety of formatted citation styles (APA, MLA, etc.).

However, be aware that this tool has limitations:

  1. Machine-generated citations can and sometimes do have formatting errors, so you should always check them against the official style guide for the style you are using.
  2. MLA recently updated their MLA Handbook to an 8th edition and made many changes to how citations are formatted. These changes are not yet implemented in the OneSearch/EBSCOHost systems. This means you will need to manually update any MLA citations generated by the Cite tool until the vendor updates its systems (there is currently no date announced for this). You can see a summary of the main changes in the MLA 8th edition here: