How to create links to items found in the online library

You may have discovered that when you copy and paste the link from your web browser when viewing an article or ebook in the online library, and then try to share it or go back to it later, it doesn’t work. That is because linking to items in the online library requires something called a permalink or a persistent URL.

Why do I have to do this?

This is because only those with Empire State College logins can access our paid for subscription databases and collections. In order to link to the article (or other item) in the online library so someone else with a college login can access it, the link has to be made in a way that lets them login with their own information. When you are viewing an article, that link in your web browser is only good for your current logged in session.

How do I create a permalink?

Every database and collection in the online library is a bit different, based on what vendor we subscribe to for that collection.  For directions on how to create permalinks, we have it broken down by each collection for you. Visit our Permalink (PURL) page for directions .