How to find movie or book reviews in the online library

I was helping a student today in chat and unfortunately, the student left chat before I could give them more help on how to find the reviews that they needed for an assignment.  Hopefully that student will see this post and since it is something we often get asked about, I thought it could be helpful for other students to learn about this too. If you need any help with this, please contact us at Ask a Librarian or Ask Us 24/7 chat and a librarian is happy to help.

To find movie or film reviews/criticism:

  • On the library homepage  go to the OneSearch box Image of OneSearch search box on the library homepage
  • Type the name of the film you are researching in quotes.
  • If your movie title can also describe something else, you may want to add more information. For example, “The Gold Rush” could also be about the historic Gold Rush so you might have better luck searching for “The Gold Rush” AND Charlie Chaplin or you can search for “The Gold Rush” AND movie Image of search box containing the words "The Gold Rush" in quotes AND in all caps and Charlie Chaplin
  • You can limit your search results in the left column.  Under the heading “Limit To” you may want to check the box for Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals if your instructor asked for that.
  • You can also limit your search results by selecting Reviews under the heading “Source Types”


To find book or literature reviews/criticism:

  • To find book reviews or literary criticism, you can try the steps above but there is a library database that is particularly good for this topic.
  • On the library homepage select the option for Subject Guides.
  • This expands a list where you can select “Language and Literature”
  • When you get to he guide for Language and Literature, you will see a list of Journal Article Databases.
  • In that list, select “Literature Resources”Image of the Literature Resources database link listed on the Language and Literature Subject Guide
  • You can search for the title in quotes here or you can also search for a particular author.
  • Search results will be broken down into Literature Criticism, Biographies, Topic & Work Overviews, Reviews & News, Primary Sources & Literary Works, and Multimedia. ethanfrome1 Image of search results for a search of Ethan Frome in literature resources database