Ask a Librarian 2018 Summer Hours

As of Tuesday, May 29, 2018, the Ask a Librarian service is on Summer Hours.  Summer Hours run until Labor Day when we switch back to normal business hours.

The Ask a Librarian service consists of phone calls, emails, online form questions, and live chat with an Empire State College librarian.  During the hours we are not available, librarians from other institutions are on our Ask Us 24/7 chat service and they can help answer your library questions.

Ask a Librarian Summer Hours
– Sun: 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
– Mon-Thu: 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
– Fri: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


Ask a Librarian 2018 Memorial Day Hours

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, the Ask a Librarian service will be closed at 5pm on Friday, May 25, 2018 until we re-open for our summer hours on Tuesday, May 29 at 9am.

While we are unavailable, the librarians at other institutions will be here to answer your chat questions in the Ask Us 24/7 chat.  If you leave an email or voicemail message, we will get back to you when we re-open on Tuesday.

Thank you and enjoy the holiday!

UPDATE: Email for Ask a Librarian AND Interlibrary Loan Services Down

We have recently discovered that the email address for our Ask a Librarian reference service ( has not been functioning properly since mid-March. If you sent an email to us directly (from your personal or email address) since then, we have not received it, and apologize sincerely for any apparent lack of response.

As of 5/11, we have discovered that our email address for interlibrary loan-related issues ( is also not functioning. We are not receiving replies to that address.

A service request has been submitted to resolve these issues, and we appreciate your patience while we await that response.

In the meantime, the best ways to reach a librarian with your questions are to submit them via chat, via the question submission form, or via the phone number listed at the Ask a Librarian & FAQ page:

For all questions about interlibrary loan, please include the transaction number (TN).

Please do not email individual librarians directly, as we have no way to document and track those questions in our system.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Can you help me find my textbooks?

We have been getting asked about this a lot lately. You may be wondering where to find your textbooks or maybe you just want to know if the library has your textbooks. Did you order e-books online through the bookstore and you now need to know where to find them?

The first place to check for your textbooks is the college bookstore at They have information on how to find your books, how to order online and their contact information listed there. If you have any questions or need help ordering your books, contact the bookstore directly.

If you ordered e-books for your courses through the college bookstore, you should have received an email with the information about how to access your e-book. You can contact the bookstore if you do not have this email and they can assist you.

You are welcome to check the library e-book catalog to see if we have any of your textbooks in our online library but it is rare that we have textbooks available. You can search the e-book catalog by clicking on Books on the library homepage at If you do a search and your book is not listed, unfortunately, the online library does not have that book.

You may also have readings located in your course. Often the instructor will list how to access the reading or might include a link to the reading. If a reading is in the Online Library, your instructor will usually say so or link to it from your course.

When all else fails or you still are not sure what to do, it is always best to check with your instructor.


EDIT: NOW FIXED Problems accessing Kanopy

Kanopy, a database that provides some of our videos, is currently not allowing access from users who are not physically in Empire State College buildings in Saratoga Springs. Kanopy technical support has already been contacted about this problem and is working on whitelisting the necessary IP addresses to restore access. This blog post will be updated when access is restored.